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I have been involved in woodworking projects most of my life although it was only a few years ago that I became focused in woodturning. I decided to dust off the old lathe in the corner of my workshop and attempt to make a few pens with Rosewood barrels for Christmas gifts. The pens were very well received and resulted in requests for more. As my skills advanced, I started using acrylics, exotics woods and other natural materials such as antler and pine cones, in an effort to make each pen unique and creative. A few years and several hundred pens later I still find woodturning to be a fun, creative, and a never-ending learning process. I have been very fortunate to attend workshops and demonstrations from some of the top woodturning artists in the world. These experiences, as well as many hours of practice, has allowed me to broaden my skill base to include larger items such as bowls, platters, vases and clocks. It has also taught me that woodturnings do not need to be utility pieces, they can also be artistic works.

As a woodturner, I strive to create new and novel work using a wide variety of techniques and tools, and to continually experiment with new processes and materials to produce unique high quality products. I attempt to maximize the use of natural products in my work however, I realize that natural materials are an imperfect medium. They have flaws and faults that sometimes make them unusable for many projects. Decaying wood, cracks, knots, voids and other defects is still beautiful, sometimes more beautiful than materials that have no such problems, especially when you emphasize the defects. Many of my works use colored resin as a design element, a structural element, and as a way to emphasize the defects in the materials. The resin provides both color and textural contrast to the natural materials, that can both surprise and delight the senses. It also provides a “how did he do that” element to my work, which I really enjoy. Each piece I create is a unique experience for me and hopefully, for the viewer.

Items I make can be purchased through this site, via my Facebook page, and at local Arts and Crafts shows I attend.

I also welcome custom work. Have a tree that had to be removed or that came down in a storm, and old piece of furniture that's falling apart, an old set of antlers from your first deer? Give me a call and I'll make you something that can be cherished for years to come!

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